Portus at World Smart Grid China Focus 2011

portus introduces intelligent management of residential demand response resources at the World Smart Grid China Focus 2011 in Beijing.

Beijing - November 11, 2011 - Portus introduced today an intelligent integrated management approach to diverse demand response and storage capacity resources available at the residential level. Portus is pursuing an Intelligent Energy vision that revolves around intelligence in the home that manages all residential demand response potential and storage capacity, such as that embodied in electric vehicles, in a holistic manner. By taking such an approach, Portus' solution can respond to the demands of intermittent renewables, by managing electric vehicle charging to occur at times of increased wind or solar generation, or by providing demand response at times of insufficient supply. Careful management of these processes will allow Portus to deliver firmness of response, and also to respond to caps on upstream assets, such as distribution transformers and feeders. Ultimately, Portus technology can deliver more capacity to the grid when needed, and enable greater penetration of intermittent renewables onto the grid.

About Portus

Portus is a pioneer of the Connected Home and a leading innovator of energy management and residential Smart Grid solutions. It helps customers understand and manage their energy consumption and monitor and control their homes. It also helps utilities meet the challenge of capacity and carbon constrained networks through the provision of Energy Dashboard, Home Area Network and Demand Response solutions that better serve customers and increase network efficiency and profitability.

To discover more about the Portus Home solution, visit Portus on the web at www.portushome.com.

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