Portus Wins Trial of its Smart Grid Platform

Portus Energy Dashboard and Home Area Network Gateway to be field trialled with leading utility.

Sydney - May 9, 2010 - Portus, a Cleantech pioneer and leading innovator of energy management and residential smart grid solutions, was today awarded a pilot with a utility that has one of the largest distribution areas of any utility in the world. The household trial will test the operation of Portus' Smart Grid Platform, including the Portus HAN gateway and Energy Dashboard. The Portus HAN gateway monitors the energy usage recorded at the meter and for key home appliance at every minute of every hour of the day, and displays this through Portus' Energy Dashboard, providing the most precise measure that families have ever been able to see. The solution provides far greater insight into energy usage and also the convenience of being able to control appliances remotely, providing greater peace of mind if appliances were accidentally left on after the family has left the home. The trial will assess the system's performance in delivering some of the fundamental advantages postulated for the smart grid, in its ability to inform customers and signal price information, thereby shifting demand during times of peak demand.

About Portus

Portus is a pioneer of the Connected Home and a leading innovator of energy management and residential Smart Grid solutions. It helps customers understand and manage their energy consumption and monitor and control their homes. It also helps utilities meet the challenge of capacity and carbon constrained networks through the provision of Energy Dashboard, Home Area Network and Demand Response solutions that better serve customers and increase network efficiency and profitability.

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