Portus Announces Success of Initial Phase of Licensing Campaign

September 23, 2016 - Earlier this year, Portus began offering licenses to its patent technology for the first time.  The market’s reaction has been swift: multiple technology leaders have already signed agreements to license the Portus patent portfolio, including Apple, Cisco, and Comcast.  If you are active in the home automation or internet-of-things industries and interested in discussing a license to the Portus patent portfolio, contact Graham Gerst at Global IP Law Group at ggerst@giplg.com.

About Global IP Law Group LLC

Global IP Law Group, LLC is a law firm based in Chicago, Illinois with affiliates in London, Seoul, and Taipei.  Named “Best Intellectual Property Law Law Firm in North America” by World Finance Magazine in 2015, Global IP focuses on helping patent owners maximize their return from patent assets.  The firm was named one of the fifteen most innovative IP firms by Financial Times, and is one of three firms identified as “Highly recommended” for IP transactions by Intellectual Asset Management Magazine’s "IAM Patent 1000 2014.”

About Portus

Portus is a pioneer of the Connected Home and a leading innovator of energy management and residential Smart Grid solutions. It helps customers understand and manage their energy consumption and monitor and control their homes. It also helps utilities meet the challenge of capacity and carbon constrained networks through the provision of Energy Dashboard, Home Area Network and Demand Response solutions that better serve customers and increase network efficiency and profitability.

To discover more about the Portus Home solution, visit Portus on the web at www.portushome.com.

For further information please contact Tim Lindquist at tlindquist@portushome.com