Portus Honoured at Electronic News Future Awards

Portus Receives Highly Commended Awards for Environment and Digital Home at Electronic News Future Award.

Sydney - September 16, 2010 - Portus, a Cleantech pioneer and leading innovator of energy management and residential smart grid solutions, was honoured today winning Highly Commended awards in both the Environment and Digital Home categories at the Electronic Future Awards in Sydney. The Portus Home gateway and in-built Energy Management application monitors the energy usage recorded at the home electricity meter and for key home appliance at every minute of every hour of the day, and displays this through Portus' Energy Dashboard, providing the most precise measure that families have ever been able to see. Tim Lindquist, Portus CEO, said ”we are ecstatic to be honoured by the industry in receiving these awards” and added that it was a pleasure to be able to support an event that recognised and promoted local Australian innovation. Portus is also a previous winner of the world's highest profile Connected Homes initiative, the Singapore iDA Connected Homes programme, and has received significant endorsement in the Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid domains, with a number of Australia's leading utilities as customers.

About Portus

Portus is a pioneer of the Connected Home and a leading innovator of energy management and residential Smart Grid solutions. It helps customers understand and manage their energy consumption and monitor and control their homes. It also helps utilities meet the challenge of capacity and carbon constrained networks through the provision of Energy Dashboard, Home Area Network and Demand Response solutions that better serve customers and increase network efficiency and profitability.

To discover more about the Portus Home solution, visit Portus on the web at www.portushome.com.

For further information please contact Tim Lindquist at tlindquist@portushome.com